saturday 6 april 2019
152 Sterling Place at 7th Avenue
park slope, brooklyn


Check-In and Reception

8:30—9:00 am

Join us for coffee and snacks as we kickoff our day together. Doors open at 8:30am.

Morning Keynote Session

9:00—10:30 am

Our keynote speakers cast a vision for growing a firm and loving foundation in the home, having a healthy self, listening to your child, and establishing loving boundaries in your family.

Featuring Sara McCullah, Ellen Lee, Elisa Booker, and Patrick Boatwright.

Morning Breakout Sessions

10:45 AM—11:45 pm

Experts who love and understand kids share their insights on three specific topics.

saying no and forgiveness

Discipline without shame; being a house of reconciliation. Presented by Sara McCullah.

play and exploration

Practical tools for engaging the eight senses in developmental play. Presented by Ellen Lee.

talking about race

A framework to talk to kids about race. Presented by Jason Brooks.


12:00—1:00 pm

Head out into the Park Slope neighborhood and enjoy a bite to eat with your fellow attendees.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

1:15—2:15 pm

Experts who love and understand kids share their insights on three specific topics.

navigating education

Practical tools and helpful hacks to partner in your child’s education. Presented by Jason Brooks.

feelings and vulnerability

How to identify and know your own feelings so you can guide your child’s feelings. Presented by Mary Castillejos.

instilling truth

Developing a singular faith in a pluralistic world. Presented by Patrick Boatwright.

Afternoon Keynote Session

2:30—4:00 pm

Our keynote speakers discuss parenting as a team, navigating technology, and effective family communication.

Featuring Jason Brooks, Mary Castillejos, Peter and Amanda Trautmann, Elisa Booker, and Patrick Boatwright.

Parent Well Celebration

4:00—5:30 pm
location tba

Stick around for an optional, informal time of snacks and refreshments to connect with other parents.